About Me

A designer with a passion for writing, that’s me! I started down this path of the starving artist parade after graduating from Cliffside Park High School in 2008. I’m inspired by a particular artist/rapper and thought I could do the same. I never applied myself during my four years at Cliffside Park. Don’t let this discourage you, future employer. I’m really self motivated if the pay is good enough. All joking aside, I went to Bergen Community College for about 3 years and received my Associates degree.

Untitled design (2)

You see I had a plan; go to B.C.C and transfer to New Jersey City University. I entered contest and started applying my Adobe software knowledge to use. With not much success,I must say. But no worries I had four more years to learn and prefect my networking skills at NJCU. Before receiving my bachelor’s degree, I entered contests such as JCITFF and the Shelter project. My work is either criticized or praised. As is life as a designer, you learn to prefect and tend to the client’s taste. Photoshop was a thing of the past once I learned Illustrator and Indesign was a pain in my butt. Upon graduation I immediately started freelancing until I could got something permanent. I learned the cruel reality of the business side of graphic design. No harm done, freelancing helped build my portfolio and something to talk about during my interviews. It added to my character and how to handle situations. So you can say it is a blessing in disguise.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello fellow blogger! can you help me to have a small design for my blog? I write Kannada blog and I write poetry often! a small design which I can use as logo for my blog!? Appreciate your help 🙂


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