A Natural Disaster

Today, I wrote out a poem…yes, I was a very angsty person since I started high school way back when. Obviously I am in my late 20s now and haven’t tapped into that side of me in a very long time. Certainly my view has changed and shifted towards a more outer perspective rather than looking inwards as my 15 year old self did.

My poem reflects how I felt for a while now which is being powerless. I designed a 5.5 in by 5.5 in postcard to print out and stick’em into as many coffee shops as I can. Hopefully I can spread the word because its not only a humanitarian issue its been an environmental issue.

Below is the back of my postcard: llamaBLOG

*watermarked, so if you are having difficulty in reading it pick one up at a your local Starbucks 😉 (exclusive to NJ/NY based peeps though) ***still got to print them out XD


Before I woke up so inspired to do this I was googling where I can donate and could not find anything but this:


Which is being organized by Laura Luque, an acting Medical Director for Meraki Peru NGO.

As you have already guessed this is my parents country, my country. I was not born there but I have family ties there and my ancestral roots come from here!

Let’s help one another. I’m not only talking about Peru but all the other countries out there that have been heavily affected by natural disaster, warfare or political catastrophes.

Do your research and donate or if you can’t donate for whatever your reasons are you can certainly bring awareness by exercising whatever you’re skills and do some good with it!

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below!

Till next blog!