Don’t Read Me

I usually don’t state my opinion on political manners because I let my actions, for those that are dear and close to me know this, to speak for themselves. Given the social stressful political events that have occurred thus far; I realized there are a lot of berating going on between two opposing sides. Whether right or wrong there is no black and white answer.


It is rather very grey and often muddled because what everyone seems to be doing is belittling and pointing the finger at the ‘antagonist’ of this story. Which gets no concrete answer or even a retaliation from said antagonist. What is being received is a massive assurance that this is why there should be change, a radical change.

handshake-2009195_1920What people need to stop doing is insulting/pointing the finger at a past that cannot be changed and instead rally against what could be solved now. That is banding together and not separating “them” from “us.” We should be striving to push each and every one ¬†of us forward. Rather than being indifferent to those that oppose our views (whatever it may be on: religion, abortion, LGBT rights etc.) is to leave an open dialogue. Eradicate your judgement that labels them in the category of “do not speak to them because they don’t see how I look at the world” group in your mind. Look at it instead, as a potential mind you can one day hope to make them see the world differently which is far more rewarding then exiling them completely. Help unfold their blindfolds, don’t tie it tighter by labels and insults.

Much love and peace!

Take your broken heart and make it into art -Carrie Fisher