Vote for Lemons

lemonsSleepless nights and countless unanswered emails are a part of my daily design life. But nothing is more gratifying than cashing in that bi-weekly check. I smile at first and then realize that half of my earnings will go to bills.

Sucks, but life reminds me of the bitter and tanginess of when it hands me lemons.

Here is what I observed:

1. It’s paper MONEY

As a designer, a good investment is in learning new techniques for Photoshop that make retouching photos (products & models) much simpler.

*Which equals a happy, headache free Sandy. No one wants the beast released!

I invest money in what will bring me income, i.e: paying my domain and updating my portfolio and resume periodically.

Taking care of my health (specially my precious hands, eyes, back and neck) by exercising and using eyedrops to lubricate my dry eyes. Screen time on my computer kills the watery-ness of my eyeballs.

That’s a EURO….

2. Thanks but no thanks

I hate overworking myself on redesigning an email or instagram post creative that’s due… tomorrow.

*I breathe and I get around to it slowly. I don’t rush, I take my time to make the final prefect so when I send over a screenshot for approval, I won’t need to change it x-amount of times.

Use to believe I was an octopus and do it all but there are always last minute location, date and name changes. So I realized that I stressed myself for no reason.

*Believe me when I say, it’s worth it! 

3. No money, No work

If I want to reap the rewards from the fruit of my labor I strictly ignore doing design for free. That includes trials.

I made plenty of mistakes along the way but I remind myself, my time and anyone else’s time for that matter, is far too valuable to be wasted on petty favors.

That being said, I ignore discussing projects without a plan. Meaning if a potential client does not know what direction to go with a creative endeavor how can I base a price on that?

Believe me, don’t get sucked in! It is a trap. You’ll be giving them FREE ideas that they will run off to with another designer.

And you can sing BYE BYE food money.


4. Music frees the Soul

It seems like a lie but I have been so self observed in other matters of my life, I have neglected winding down to some good tunes.

Sounds crazy, but listening to good music lends itself to inspirational kick ass design ideas.

Recently I’ve been listening to the Four Seasons and have been unbelievably moved to make some art inspired by the 60s.

*More on that later as I will post to my website:

*So feed that inner angst high school side of yours. I was a very angry pent up teenager with hurt, dissatisfied and disappointed feelings back in those days and it aspired for creative flow.

Being angry especially pushed me to do my best work.


I trust my talents to get me far. I don’t let the negative numbers of unemployment get me depressed. If anything this situation lends itself for new ground breaking development that gets me so pumped and feeling on edge to be exact.

I love helping others and if you do too how can anyone lose?

The end game is the same as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I believe said via his twitter long ago, or was it a meme? Anyway we all end up in the same place, a coffin.

As morbid as it is, I shrug at it. It’s the truest thing anyone will ever tell you.

Digest it slowly and let it sit down on your belly….it’ll pass right through your digestive system.