Lemme tell you guys about the heart break I’ve been through. My heart is literally shattered by how good the promo for Victor Frankenstein’s preview left me. It stars two of my most favorite influential people, James McAvoy aka Wheels ( X-men fans should get this reference) and Dan Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself. This movie is up my alley of cool, mysterious thrillers that I absolutely love.

I’m just shocked that they worked together as master and servant. XD

If you guys haven’t checked it out yet, go look at it, comment and share the heck out of this trailer! Warning you guys, you will die at how good it is.

Anywho, now this is where design kicks in. As you guys already know and I’ve talked about them, the people over at Talenthouse have creative invites and dun dun dun! You’ve guessed it.

They posted not to long ago, for 20th century Fox is calling all artistic peeps to create your own creation. Ha! see what I did there XD

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.54.16 PM

Watching the trailer is the only way you’ll get inspired and won’t have a chose but to participate! 17 days guys!

Some art to get your mind rolling!

colors,illustration,art,artwork,cartoon,collage-cd07caa3c420d8ca2c351194c4ca83a6_h      tumblr_mwimgwqSe91rufl9ro1_1280

Much Love.


2 thoughts on “Break-Up

  1. James McAvoy is one of my favorite actors and I can t wait to see how he collab with Dan Radcliffe in this new movie. My friends and I are big xmens fans of last movie. So now I’m so pumped now I can wait thanks for the trailer link going to show it to my friend now.


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