Like A Sponge

Don’t step on toes and don’t cross the line. Never truer words were spoken. It down write sucks feeling that day in and day out you have to take orders from someone by age default.

Before people start rallying up for agism, let me finish.  Is it weird that when I see an about 40 year old man taking orders from a 24 year old I kinda feel bad? I always wondered how does he feel?

Does he feel content with his job? Does he mind taking directions and orders from his boss (24 year old)? Did he see himself doing this for a living, waiting on tables and cleaning up after people are their done eating?

What I see is a hard working man that has nothing to complain about because he is employed. I saw it in his manner and demeanor. Maybe for him taking orders is just a constant reminder of how fortunate he is to have pension to save for future endeavors. Who knows maybe he’s saving for that trip to Greece!?

I don’t know, for me it’s all about the title that gives you the illusion of power.

Manager. Commander. Supervisor. Assistent Manager.

That word “assistant” is such a B.S word. Like when do you become the teacher or manager without that preceding word? Till he/she dies?!

And what exactly are you doing as an assistant, besides making the real person’s job life easier? This is what I mean. If your blood is boiling right now, good!

You’ll notice when climbing up the job ladder you’re workload becomes less and less.

Does age in this metaphorical ladder apply as well?

Now instead of looking at age why don’t we just treat each other equally? Also, why not get rid of these demeaning titles that separate us from the other people that are exactly the same as everybody else?

Ugh there’s really no filter I mean its just stressful.

But it’s not like I don’t like giving orders, I do! I do like feeling in charge of my design, my vision. Personally I hate taking orders that are given in a condescending manner, except to my sister XD.

I want to be in charge of my own creativity, I know you guys do too. We gotta work together and collaborate not act like we are above anyone else.

Have a problem? Talk it out.

At the end of the day your working with your co-workers as a team of creative heads.

Bottom line designs will clash in the work environment. Unavoidable. Do yourself a favor to this career path of being a designer and just keep racking up new things to your skill set. I bounce off ideas all the time with my co-worker and learn new quick and easy shortcuts that are the most part I didn’t pick up at school.

It’s a dance, is what I’m trying to say. You gotta take turns in taking charge.

What I do and like that nice waiter I mentioned, is absorb it like a sponge and harvest that negative energy into a positive fresh new out look on yourself as a designer.

Do yourself a favor and add new things to your skill set.

Comment down below if you agree or disagree. XD

Much Love.


3 thoughts on “Like A Sponge

  1. Yes I agree especially the part about the age difference and job title. Gives a sort of disrespect vibe when you talk down to someone that could be your father.


  2. I don’t necessary agree or disagree; I think it depends more on how you treat someone with equality and respect despite the age and titles. No matter how high you climb the ladder, it’s the respect and equality that you illustrate to others which will be reflected back upon to you. Someone once told that, “Always be nice & respectful because in the industry of design companies don’t need to hire people who are not.”

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