Stop Hustlin’

Hey guys ūüėĬ†I learned a very interesting¬†and inspirational lesson in¬†a¬†form of a very big¬†headache and outloud discussion¬†with myself.¬†Yea, I know I’m weird ūüėõ I have a friend who is ahead in¬†her career than¬†I am. I thought she would help me out in¬†this desperate place in time that I am currently in.

She had a certain¬†connection that I needed given the time and¬†period of¬†my submitted application where her connection was¬†working at. But it¬†seemed that she was side stepping¬†in lending me a hand.¬†I don’t mean to be pretentious but I was tried of¬†beating¬†around the bush. I was tried of being the nice¬†person¬†waiting for the other to get me. SO I’m telling you, as I know a¬†lot of you struggling artists out there

that are trying to get your name out there and land a good paying job with benefits are kind, humble and hardworking peeps,

to be straightforward and not let others step all over you! (LONG WINDED SENTENCE I KNOW XD) Next time you encounter

a¬†friend of yours that for some reason are acting like they don’t know what¬†you need, cuz BELIEVE me they do, don’t be

afraid to say it! My current situation is not the greatest but no worries I learned that I gotta take it day by day. I have no

complaints.¬†I know I have it! And by¬†‘it’ I mean the experience, the passion, the drive to be a great designer‚Ķ in a

respectable and reputable company. I just gotta remain focus and cut out negative people out of my life. TO my fellow

graphics designers¬†in¬†my position, please don’t not stress I got you!¬†You gotta make things happen for you. Cannot depend

and wait around for others to pick you up. And know this: I am my own worst enemy and so are you.


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