Have you ever heard of the phrase one day you’ll get the taste of your own medicine?

No? Well let me tell you it tastes like an extra sour skittle! And I love skittles.

I wanted to be plain honest and tell you guys I am not perfect. I make poor judgments especially when not sleeping for a

straight 24 hours, I do things without really meaning to.

Doesn’t make sense, huh?

Don’t worry, explaining now:

As you read my last post I gave four tips on how not to be taking advantage of. So what do you think I did wrong?

I. took. a. third. trial.

I can already hear the screams of ‘hypocrite’ blasted my way. But never fear I will tell you what happened and how it left the

bitterest of tastes in my mouth.

Business people and companies have a way with words. They make it seem like they want to help you out and they have

your best interests at heart. What do they do? They use words of persuasion and reverse psychology (which sad to say, it

got under my skin argo the 3rd trail happened). The client I dealt with is a business orientated persona. If you are like me,

where people attack your artwork in the most nicest of ways (which is the cruelest form of torture ) and you get this spark

ignited in you where you want to prove them wrong? They got you. Once I did it, I regretted it. Here is the serious discussion

for you guys. We, designers, expose ourselves and we sell our image so that we can peak companies’ interest. Do not do

what I do and say what’s on your mind, even though you know you’re right. Because your reputation is on the line. You don’t

want to ruin that. Above all don’t let their words influence you. And remember for me this is a stepping stone. I have to show

that I have a backbone. Guys, be serious and always remember it’s a business. And always, always decline politely. No harm


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No One Said It Was

Hey guys! Today I was a bit let down that my designs, at the request of a client, was not up to par with their aesthetic and overall “look” of their company.

Now the reason I air quote “look” is because listen, design and keeping up with the trends is not an easy thing to do.

I have been wrecking my brain for inspiration on my designs. At one point I was thinking maybe the designs I’m spitting out are not good enough. Companies looking for graphic designers think it’s so easy to be on top of trends and ultimately believe and expect designers to mass produce these wonderful displays in under a minute.

These things take brainstorming and to a certain extent: motivation and inspiration to do it too! I’m not always in a creative super sonic artistic mood ALL the time.

It’s not easy and definitely not easy if the client has one view of how the design should come out and you have another.

Which follows these tips of mine for you guys!

1. make sure to check their about me page to get a better understanding of what their design/aspirations consists of. Definitely check out what other companies they sponsor via their Facebook or any other social media outlet to get some inspirational juices flowing!

2. look at their website layout and past graphic design works in order to familiarize yourself with the type of graphics they are looking for and expecting of you.

3. Make sure they pay you upfront after the trial !!! This one is very important. If for whatever reason they ask for a second trial to make sure say NUP! Exactly that ‘nup’.

Side note: If I have to undergo a second trial then you’re (the client) definitely are not thinking of hiring me but possibly gonna steal my creative aesthetic for your own personal use.

4. Do not waste time contemplating over what could have happened if you get no response just let it be. It most likely is a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. That last sentence rhymed XD.

Stop Hustlin’

Hey guys 😀 I learned a very interesting and inspirational lesson in a form of a very big headache and outloud discussion with myself. Yea, I know I’m weird 😛 I have a friend who is ahead in her career than I am. I thought she would help me out in this desperate place in time that I am currently in.

She had a certain connection that I needed given the time and period of my submitted application where her connection was working at. But it seemed that she was side stepping in lending me a hand. I don’t mean to be pretentious but I was tried of beating around the bush. I was tried of being the nice person waiting for the other to get me. SO I’m telling you, as I know a lot of you struggling artists out there

that are trying to get your name out there and land a good paying job with benefits are kind, humble and hardworking peeps,

to be straightforward and not let others step all over you! (LONG WINDED SENTENCE I KNOW XD) Next time you encounter

a friend of yours that for some reason are acting like they don’t know what you need, cuz BELIEVE me they do, don’t be

afraid to say it! My current situation is not the greatest but no worries I learned that I gotta take it day by day. I have no

complaints. I know I have it! And by ‘it’ I mean the experience, the passion, the drive to be a great designer… in a

respectable and reputable company. I just gotta remain focus and cut out negative people out of my life. TO my fellow

graphics designers in my position, please don’t not stress I got you! You gotta make things happen for you. Cannot depend

and wait around for others to pick you up. And know this: I am my own worst enemy and so are you.