Paid vs Unpaid

This is a very delicate subject and most designers would probably shy away from the shameful truth. But without sugar coating it in any way shape or form I’ll tell you my side of the story, my personal experience and opinion.

Waiting for my laptop, as I’m writing this, to explode XD.

Here it is.

Freelancing as I discussed in a previous post, it plainly sucks. But being employed under the title unpaid internship is far worse.

Before I get my head ripped off for this. I know it’s hard to find a solid job out there that will take a chance with a recent graduate that has no experience outside of freelancing for friends, family etc. without a legitimate company written on your resume.

Again its all politics, What company in their right mind would take a chance with a designer that has no legitimate claim to experience. They see it as a risk. An avoidable risk as more often then not their requirements on job posts always read “5 year experience with…”

As far as unpaid internships there line is way different from companies that will pay. Instead of “5 year experience” they propose “1 year or more.”

That goes the same for companies (willing to pay, depending)on the ones starting out.

See the difference?

Which one will you apply to? The answer is to all of them even those that read 10 years experience. Why you may ask? Because you gotta sell yourself in that interview. No matter what, you go in there with confidence, head held up high.

And hey if you get a chance to take up an unpaid internship I am not telling you to pass it up! Take it, pick up the trade, make connections.

While you’re interning apply to other jobs in the mean time.

Remind yourself to always save the designs you are working on from the internship via your flash drive.

Remember, everything you design while you’re interning can be used as your portfolio. It’s a win/lose XD. Or lose/lose with a benefiting result.

As far as my opinion goes… I have been interning, learned a lot of tricks and an understanding of print, which is very benefitting for any graphic designer.

BUT AT THE end of the day its draining especially when your time invested in creating banners, icons, kerning and retouching and the only check your paid for is transportation and food, its rather off putting.