Spring Fever

I know I’ve been away for awhile but it’s only because I’ve been applying like crazy via Indeed.com or internships.com. Great links to find jobs by the way! Other good websites: indeed.com (cannot stress enough), internqueen.com (very good site if you guys are still in school!)

Don’t worry I ain’t sponsoring them XD. No endorsements here!

So I’ve come up with some helpful tips for everyone of my unique designers out there!

Now one important thing I learned from going into an interview and then the dreadful follow-up. I write ‘dreadful’ because this is where your creativity comes into play. Which, of course, depending on the place you’ve applied to there is the usual test.

By test I mean your potential employer wants to see if the skills that you already know can be applied to the company’s aesthetic. This assignment can be proposed during the interview or after via email.

When this comes, remember everything you learned coming out of that interview. That is: what the company is all about, are they eco-friendly, is fashion important, trends relevant or not, etc. What is the company’s expectations from you.


Another very crucial thing we always forget is stressing over the smallest of things. If you are at any point in the designing process not feeling confident about the outcome, scrap it off and start something new.

Trust me.

When you start second guessing yourself you’ll be able to see how silly and absurd it all seems.

Remind yourself what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place.