You now, I thought it would be easy, being a designer. The price of education has no limits. I mean having and receiving a degree, it means everything in this country. For me, constantly it is a reminder of the shaky almost sufferable terrain I endured to prove to myself that I could make my mark and hopefully be someone important in the design world. I shouldn’t say ‘hopefully’. That’s what I hear confidant people say.

If am being brutally honest my friends, for the last couple of months I’ve lost my mojo. Well I thought I lost it. It was dormant because I was lacking motivation as if it was swept under me. I’m freelancing here and there, It totally helps refreshing my skills on my Adobe programs. Recently though a very good friend of mine gave me an Inkling for Christmas!

For those not savvy as I am with technology, Inkling is a branch off Wacom. It is a censored based pen in which your drawings are easily transferable onto your laptop.

I’m not gonna lie, but it’s complicated. My brain takes a while to process new gadgets. XD

I couldn’t thank her enough; it gave me the right nudge to get back in the world of art.

If you want any further information on the Inkling here’s the link 🙂