My Name Is…

As advice given to me by my good friend, I have decided to talk a little about myself since I have been avoiding it.

First off, I’ve always been a behind the scenes type of person. I never liked the spotlight on me. It was for this reason I don’t want to talk about myself.

But I know I cannot be the only one. So for those that have not been heard hopefully, I can be the instrument you need and use.

In my years as a child I love designing. My first love were coloring books which I always had to beg my mom to buy me especially when I had to go  ‘house shopping’ and of course my box of crayons.

I remember as a teenager it came the daunting hour of picking a career. It was the most hardest decision I had to make. A lot was riding on my future, the most hardest decision I had to make.

There was so much pressure.

The ‘future’ became the scariest word ever invented by the dictionary people.

I thought about my parents and the sacrifices they made to cross the border to the ‘land of opportunities.” Yes, I come from immigrant parents. And proud of it!

It was this, in particular that bothered me the most. I wanted to do something in design. But when I proposed this the question of “does this make money?” came up. My heart sank. For my parents; doctors, teachers, lawyers make the money in this country. But designer?

They believed I wouldn’t get any far.

The career was a bad choose.

It was hard. The toughest was when I made up my mind not against my parents wishes, I just wanted to follow my dreams. I want to make something out my own passion.

I don’t regret it to this day, I picked what I am. A graphic designer with a proud upbringing.

I just know that deep down they are proud I’ve made it thus far.

Don’t let this get you down, you guys worked hard for that diploma!