Rules of the game

Your creativity, more often then not is stamped…by the customer. I’m sure you, as a successful intuitive designer, have encountered this, one way or another (Blondie is genius) and it is frustrating. You have a vision that is not being put out there for the world to see and appreciate. Well, why? Because the decision making is already being decided on by the ‘man.’

I’m not saying to go against the ‘man’ or ‘woman’, for that matter, but how should you make peace with it?

There really isn’t one, I, myself I’m learning that the hard way. It’s to the point where I would rather quit then stick it out. But I know I’m no quitter and I can’t let it get the best of me.

What I want to tell you is; do your art and if your boss don’t like it, save it!

There will come a time where you don’t need to depend on your boss. One day you will call the shots. Slowly, but surely!

Climbing that social ladder is a give-in. You know what you have to do.

Do it!


2 thoughts on “Rules of the game

  1. Loving the blog!! But I would love for you to make your posts more personal instead of just general posts! Can’t wait to read your next post! 😀


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