Art of Networking

There are a lot of networking sites out there, i.e: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…but nothing beats the old fashioned high school/college connections. You meet future photographers, illustrators, mentors, art directors. Whatever it is, whoever it is; you always want to have that support because they know your dreams better than you think. Why, you ask? Well, because they share it with you.

If they won’t turn your back on you, you wont either and that is the power of word of mouth, whispers of job openings and those recommendations you crave.

With that said I bestow upon you, reader, future artist of the next generation: collaborate, get those ideas out there! Act it, draw it, design it, send those letters out there with your works. Never be afraid of your work, especially to let the whole world know what you can do with your imagination!

Most importantly if you ever have an opportunity to help a fellow designer DO IT!


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