The Break-Up

It’s finally the start of a fresh new outlook. For some, it must be the blues of school having to be right around the corner, for others the pain of having a day off before going into jobs that pay the bills manana. Whatever it is you are in it!

For those that have finished their degrees this past semester feel the presence of the black cloud named “Loans”. Yes, we’ve all been there. School is a very essential tool. I say tool, because it provides networking amongst fellow sad souls struggling to make payments just like you.

But never fear! It’s like breaking up with someone you’ve been with for 4 years (give or take XD) and off to bigger and better things. Only the 4 year thing comes with a price. Literally.

Remember though like a break-up there are always bars you set up for yourself.

Instead of wallowing, remember this:

You made it !

We all work for something that will pay off at the end of the day.

Be proud of yourself, not everyone can say they made it.


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