Rules of the game

Your creativity, more often then not is stamped…by the customer. I’m sure you, as a successful intuitive designer, have encountered this, one way or another (Blondie is genius) and it is frustrating. You have a vision that is not being put out there for the world to see and appreciate. Well, why? Because the decision making is already being decided on by the ‘man.’

I’m not saying to go against the ‘man’ or ‘woman’, for that matter, but how should you make peace with it?

There really isn’t one, I, myself I’m learning that the hard way. It’s to the point where I would rather quit then stick it out. But I know I’m no quitter and I can’t let it get the best of me.

What I want to tell you is; do your art and if your boss don’t like it, save it!

There will come a time where you don’t need to depend on your boss. One day you will call the shots. Slowly, but surely!

Climbing that social ladder is a give-in. You know what you have to do.

Do it!


Art of Networking

There are a lot of networking sites out there, i.e: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…but nothing beats the old fashioned high school/college connections. You meet future photographers, illustrators, mentors, art directors. Whatever it is, whoever it is; you always want to have that support because they know your dreams better than you think. Why, you ask? Well, because they share it with you.

If they won’t turn your back on you, you wont either and that is the power of word of mouth, whispers of job openings and those recommendations you crave.

With that said I bestow upon you, reader, future artist of the next generation: collaborate, get those ideas out there! Act it, draw it, design it, send those letters out there with your works. Never be afraid of your work, especially to let the whole world know what you can do with your imagination!

Most importantly if you ever have an opportunity to help a fellow designer DO IT!


Its not always easy to be widely accepted, especially when the demand and diversity is so high. I for one know that…now. Interviews are hard no matter the prior practice. A lot a pressure rides on you because we are talking about your career on the line. I say, “the third, fourth, fifth times the charm.”

You just apply, apply your heart out. There will always be that one person that will like you. You just have to make the right gestures. Crack a joke! It’ll lessen the stress, not to mention tension in the room.

Another thing; do not let their rejection hit home. Do no let it discourage you from working on what you love to do and what you built (portfolio) so hard for.

Whatever comes your way, laugh it off. Laughter is the only best medicine…I know XD.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are my cure. Their movies never fail to tickle my funny bone.

The Break-Up

It’s finally the start of a fresh new outlook. For some, it must be the blues of school having to be right around the corner, for others the pain of having a day off before going into jobs that pay the bills manana. Whatever it is you are in it!

For those that have finished their degrees this past semester feel the presence of the black cloud named “Loans”. Yes, we’ve all been there. School is a very essential tool. I say tool, because it provides networking amongst fellow sad souls struggling to make payments just like you.

But never fear! It’s like breaking up with someone you’ve been with for 4 years (give or take XD) and off to bigger and better things. Only the 4 year thing comes with a price. Literally.

Remember though like a break-up there are always bars you set up for yourself.

Instead of wallowing, remember this:

You made it !

We all work for something that will pay off at the end of the day.

Be proud of yourself, not everyone can say they made it.