The Batwoman in Me

So little is known about my obsession with this beautiful majestic mammal. I have harbored this secret, stuffed it down for 16 years.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, at a book fair I gravitated towards only 1 book sticking out like a sore thumb among a myriad of colors and titles, this book caught my attention. It was all in black with a man holding a bat, like it was his pet, titled BATMAN (not related to DC comics).

created via

And that’s all I needed. I’m a simple gal. I like strange things.

I see what you did there😏

I held it, read it, flipped through all those bat selfies and fell in love.

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4 Very Simple Overlooked Tips: Graphic Design Edition

lemonsLife has a way to hand me some metaphorical lemons.

Depending if there is a big holiday approaching, work can be demanding. Sleepless nights and answering countless emails are part of my daily design grind or on the flip side can be very stale. When demand is stale, I take advantage of this period to collectively see my progress throughout the course of the year. And this is what I’ve learned: Continue reading

Are You A Democrat/Republican/Neutral: Does It Really Matter?

do actions speak louder than words? Or Do words speak louder than actions? these are the questions.

I usually don’t state my opinion on political manners because I let my actions, for those that are dear and close to me know this, to speak for themselves. Given the social stressful political events that have occurred thus far; I realized there are a lot of berating going on between two opposing sides.

I think of it this way; when a persons’ actions don’t match up with what their saying I tune them out. It’s difficult to judge people over the screen though, especially if you’re not familiar with the person in person. I wonder if that’s why I fall in love with actor/ess that play their character so well that I believe their fictional sacrifice to save the human race? Continue reading

A Natural Disaster

Today, I wrote out a poem…yes, I was a very angsty person since I started high school way back when. Obviously I am in my late 20s now and haven’t tapped into that side of me in a very long time. Certainly my view has changed and shifted towards a more outer perspective rather than looking inwards as my 15 year old self did. Continue reading

5 Essential Life Points That I Got Listening to Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg gave a talk at my OLD college, New Jersey City University, leading up to the Batman V. Superman movie, set to release in March of 2016.

I found this man utterly down to earth, humble and incredibly honest about having stage fright. I found it so cool that he admitted this yet was conquering it before my very eyes.

taken by my shaky hands on an iphone at the time

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Talenthouse’s Victor Frankenstein Contest

Lemme’ tell you guys, My heart is literally shattered by how good the promo for Victor Frankenstein is.

It stars two of my favorite actors, James McAvoy aka Wheels (X-men fans should get this reference) and Daniel Radcliffe (the wizard Harry Potter himself).

This movie is a cool, mysterious thriller with a sprinkle of comedy and I absolutely love it. They work so well together as master & servant.

If you guys haven’t checked it out yet; go watch it, comment and share the heck out of this trailer! Warning you guys, it is so good.

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The Hierarchy Dynamic In the Design World

It’s hard to ignore that businesses’, through my eyes, are very cut throat. they write off artists asanyone can design’ as well as thinking this (creative project) should be quick and easy, I’m pretty sure it won’t take long.

It’s hard to accept, the head of any company, do not know the amount of effort it takes to create bomb ass campaigns in order to make a dent amongst the many other competitive companies with a solid design team behind them. Smaller, up-and-coming business have this mentality that they should invest their money on other important things and design is secondary. They know they need one to make an online presence but they settle for quantity over quality. Continue reading

5 Halloween Treats From Your Friendly Neighborhood Graphic Designer

Ever wonder how time flies when you’re having fun? no, no The exact opposite happens & before you know it, you’re being emailed/texted/faxed if the mock ups for the sale pitch creative are done yet…because they need it asap.

text reads: do you like scary movies?

I’m not going to lie to you guys but clients go for super affordable designers and in this day and age where everything is fast paced and incredibly overwhelming with graphics thrown at you from every crevice of the universe, you got no other option but to adapt and fast! Continue reading

4 Things To Do When You’re Job Huntin’: Graphic Design Edition

Hey guys! Today I was let down that my designs was not up to par with a client’s aesthetic and overall “look” of their company.

Now the reason I air quote “look” is because keeping up with trends is not an easy thing to do. Companies looking for graphic designers think it’s easy to be on top of trends and expect designers to produce creatives in under a minute. Which sometimes does happen but on rare occasions does it ever work out. Continue reading